An event from a minimalist detail to a maximalist vision.
All the "components" are meeting at the very top level.

We offer over 30 different types of performances, from laser shows, sand painting, and dance performances to acrobatic acts. We design and produce not only costumes, but also stage props. Our shows traveled through the whole Europe, but also most of the countries of Asia. A complete presentation, including videos and detailed descriptions, can be found at our Eventshow section.

The Hall is slowly sinking into the impalpable darkness. The first tones of a spellbinding melody start playing. Fingers are sinking into the fine sand and use it to create our common dreams. The laser beam is sliding in the hands of a performer who bends and refracts it. The moving light is only stopped by a small palm of dancer who breaks it into infinite shapes. Vision knows no boundaries. Art of Inspiration.